Saturday, June 15, 2013

I set up a dog blog but still do not have a dog. I set up a generic I'll-post-what-I-want blog but need more direction than that. You know what I can be arsed to do, though? Read like an asocial introvert and eat like diabetes and heart disease aren't inherited inevitabilities. And I do write an awful lot about the former (if you're expecting reviews rather than egomaniacal creative-writing exercises based loosely on whatever book I just finished, we're clearly not Goodreads friends).

So here's hoping the third time's the charm and that this blog about reading and eating will actually go somewhere. It bodes well that I have more than 200 reviews all ready for the copy-and-pasting from GR, and that hubs and I eat out far more than two people with an actual kitchen have any excuse to.

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